Sunday, 6 February 2011

Apologies and Motivation

I apologise for not being around much in the last couple of weeks. Things have been hectic, and on the rare occasion I've had free time to possibly blog, I was at a complete loss at what to blog about. I’ve hit a really bad slump, and with everything being so busy, it has been far too easy to pass up on writing and blogging for other priorities – such as sleep.

Usually, when I’m facing a tough time in life, it makes me even more determined to write. It’s the pure escapism that comes from writing which gets me through these periods, and most of the time it’s easy to slip back into my writing routine after a hard day. But recently, I’ve found myself at a massive block with no clear way past. The determination to get through in my writing has completely disappeared and I’m at a loss as how to regain it.

Now things are slowly starting to calm down, I hope my motivation will return. I’ll do anything it takes to return to the point I was at previously, but I feel like it might take some time until I’m there again.

Tell me, when you lose your motivation, what helps you regain it?