Currently, I've written five novels. There are two series in the works, one completed and one with a final novel to write.

This is a small summary for the first novel in the Resistance series called Resisting Wonderland. It is a triolgy, with two novels already written, and the first novel currently being edited. It's dystopian YA with scientific elements.


When Alice Rainier’s father woke her up in the middle of the night, she didn’t expect to be escaping the biggest nuclear disaster known to man, or to have to leave her father behind in Houston to stop it.

The nuclear power plant explodes, leaving Alice alone in Britain as she watches the world crumble around her.

A month after the disaster, Alice is stumbled upon by two survivors. Reluctantly, she follows them back to an office where a small group of survivors have been living.

As Alice begins to trust the strangers, she is drawn to two brothers, Elliot and Ash Finch. When she and Elliot discover a broadcast claiming the explosion was no accident, every certainty Alice had shatters around her.

Faced with the prospect of going back to Houston to face the truth, Alice knows what awaits her in Texas will change everything – even herself.

Can she try and save her Wonderland and the people she’s grown to love, or is this new world too much for a sixteen year old to face?

The Resistance series follows Alice as she tries to resist Wonderland, capture and eventually fate, battling a company in Texas who she is more involved with than she could have ever dreamed, all the while fighting to protect the group of strangers she now calls family.


The next series is called Shifters, and it is complete at two novels. This series is YA fantasy, and this is a summary of the first novel.


Allie Palladium loves nothing more than Shifting – her natural ability to change into whatever animal she desires. Running around the streets of Accolade with five other teenage Shifters in secret, she’s having the summer of her life.

Allie stumbles across another teenager in Accolade one night. He is alone, and he is running from the Metas; a group of Shifters in another town who can Shift into metal.

Her and Noah make a deal. In exchange for learning metal Shifting, Allie will teach him how to animal Shift. But there’s a catch. In the sprawling Shifter city of Elixir, her and Noah stumble upon a group that opposes Shifters in Accolade. They killed the Accoladian Shifters in 1936, and now they want to kill Allie and her friends.

As the end of summer draws near, Allie has to face the biggest fight of her life. Left with the task of creating an army of Shifters, Allie and her friends meet their final stand in Accolade; will it be enough to save their lives, or will the Anti-Shifter League repeat the Purge of 1936?

The outcome of the fight changes Allie and everything she thought she wanted in her world.


I hope to have the majority of my novels edited by the end of the year and the Resistance series finished. If you want to critique and share your own projects with me, I'm more than happy to help.