Monday, 9 August 2010


So, I have a secret.

I write.

It's not a big secret to anybody but myself, but it's still a secret I keep close to my chest. Put simply, I don't want others to know about the worlds I escape to or the characters my mind occasionally talks to and how they dictate me, doing whatever they with my words and plans and changing scenes or dialogue. I don't want people to know my escape plan, for fear they'll never let me return to it. I'm not crazy. I'm just a writer. And my worlds - nor I - are ready for other people to invade them yet.

I know I sound crazy. Sometimes you have to be, to do what I do. I guess you could say all writers are like uncool spies. We live double lives, appearing as one mousey, quiet individual, and living vicariously through our characters in worlds that don't quite exist, until we embark upon the asinine world of publishing. But I'm nowhere close to that mountain, and I probably won't be for a long time.

So here's my secret. Here's my blog. I hope you enjoy my crazy world as much as I do.

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