Tuesday, 21 September 2010


Starting new courses means more work. I've resumed my job, and now I have to co-ordinate my work and job and social life with writing. To put it simply, I'm juggling at the moment.

As I'm taking a two month break from writing in the run up to NaNo, my main focus for the two months was meant to be editing my novel. Suddenly, over half of September has gone by, and until yesterday I hadn't done ANY editing. After not editing for so long, admittedly, I am finding it harder to get back into the flow of it. Especially when I have other things to do. Many distractable things that can and will do everything possible to get in the way of my editing.

Time management is a very good skill to have. At the moment, it is something that I'm lacking, my brain still holding onto the last vestiges of summer. Summer's over! and I have work to do. Once again, it comes down to balance. I can't hope to do everything I want to if I don't find some way to balance my time, and fit everything in. Life has a funny way of screwing everything up. But it's getting around this that is the real skill. Hopefully, I'll have developed my sense of time management before November. Otherwise, things really will be bad.

So while I continue my juggling/balancing/time management act, I'll be working towards my goal of a redrafted manuscript, ready for my first test reader. And another publishing related blog post. Maybe another book review.

If only time would slow down for a few seconds...

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